Our Celebration Cheese Cakes have been a distant memory here at L’affinage HQ for the last eighteen months as couples were forced to put their plans on hold waiting to see what would happen as restrictions were gradually lifted.

Now there is palpable feeling optimism in the air. Fresh, new and exciting plans are being made and people are consulting with us over their beautiful cheese ‘pieces’!  We’ve already sent out a few, along with some lovely chunks of Colston Bassett Stilton and the gum tingling Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar which found their way to a French wedding! With smaller gatherings planned, due to the current rules, little cheese cakes are making a big comeback! Beautiful towers of resplendent cheese can still be created on a smaller scale with all your favourites included.

Both our ‘Farringdon’ and ‘Pentlow’ celebration cake are ideal for upto thirty or thirty five people after dinner with carefully curated cheeses which harmonise beautifully together, both topped with the stunning ‘Tor’ goats cheese produced by Whitelake cheese.  However, you are also more than welcome to create your own bespoke celebration cake. Leo and I are always on hand to help you make your selections via email, on the phone or in person if you are able to travel to us. In fact this is one of our favourite parts of our job!!

There are a few important tips when deciding on your cheese cake.  As a rule of thumb we suggest you allow 100g of cheese in total per person for after dinner or 150g per person as part of the evening meal.  During the warmer summer months we suggest, if you do want a soft cheese, perhaps include a small one at the top of your cake or have it placed to one side rather than part of a stack. Glance away for a second and you may find your lovely Baron Bigod making a dash for it down the road!  Our selection of cheese cakes are all designed to easily be put together by you or your venue.  

When deciding on your delivery date for your cheese cake please allow at least 4-5 days before your event. We want to make absolutely sure we select the perfect cheese for you, that it arrives in excellent condition and you are 100% happy with it.  If for any reason it arrives damaged we then have enough time to get a replacement for you. 

Finally we are all experiencing a few difficulties in supply with certain cheeses due to Covid and Brexit and some cheeses may not always be available.  However, if this is the case, we will always discuss suitable alternatives and ensure you are happy before a cake is sent out. 

Above all, do make sure you select the cheese you love!