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Village Maid Cheese – part 2 ‘The Visit’

A while back we did short a blog about Village Maid Cheese to introduce you to one of our producers, their amazing products and their back story. Featuring one of their cheeses in our monthly sub box we decided it was time to pop down and visit the dairy and meet the maker! We were lucky enough to be invited by Jake Wigmore to visit his family business based in Risely, Berkshire. Jake has always been involved with the family cheese business to some degree, but more so in recent years.  Having met his partner Kayleigh whilst working in London,

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Village Maid Cheese

Do you have an inquisitive mind? Do you like to give things a go? Well prepare to be inspired by the fascinating story of Village Maid Cheese! Anne Wigmore, the founder of Village Maid Cheese, originally worked for the ‘National Institute for Research in Dairying’ in Shinfield.  With her well placed background in microbiology, in 1984 she started making different types of cheese at the institute for various projects, arranging tasting panels and travelling around the UK visiting small artisan producers. Fascinated, she was inspired to have a go herself! Wouldn’t you?! In 1985 wanderlust took hold and Anne left

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Better Cheddar…

We Brits have been making cheddar for a long time but it was in the 1850s when certain key producers (notably Joseph Harding; founder of the ‘Harding Method) refined, and put to paper, techniques still used to make this famous Somerset cheese today. But it hasn’t always been as easy to get hold of. Much as our French cousins still do in parts of France today, British farmers used to have much smaller herds and also lower yielding breeds too. That said, Cheddars were huge! 45-50kg in weight so were hard to move, were made collectively… and the cheese was

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A dairy in the life of: Jonny Crickmore from Fen Farm Dairy

This week I was lucky enough to spend an hour or so talking with Jonny from Fen Farm Dairy. Regretfully not in person, having googled the fastest possible route it would still take me about 5 hours from the Shire to Bungay in Suffolk, pah!  So, we scheduled a phone call with me sitting at the kitchen table and Jonny standing on a wall at his farm – apparently where the best mobile signal is! Where it all started: From a small boy Jonny dreamt of one job and one job only – to be a dairy farmer.  Thankfully the

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Jamie Montgomery – Producer Profile

Why did you become a Cheese maker? We became cheesemakers when my Grandfather (maternal) bought the estate in 1911. Cheese making was already happening here when he bought it, as it was on almost all farms in Somerset producing more than a households worth of milk. To say that we have simply carried on since then is too simple. All farmhouse cheddar production was banned during the Second World War so a decision had to be made to restart, in a new era when the milk could be sold easily. Luckily Grandfather enjoyed the challenges of making cheese. For you

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