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L'Affinage Du Fromage


Ideal for 20 evening food or 30 after dinner

£128 each


This cake is so cute that if it had cheeks you’d just have to run up and pinch them! Faringdon is four tiers of deliciousness, made up of Tor, Delice des Cremiers, Sheep Rustler and then the award winning Cornish Blue at the base.

Approximately 3.25kg


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  • Tor

    This stunning little goat’s milk cheese has a unique flavour, tasting fresh and lemony, with a hint of earthiness.

  • Delice des Cremiers

    Rich, buttery and soft, made using both single and creme fraiche it is an indulgent little cheese from the Burgundy region of France.

  • Sheep Rustler

    A semi-hard ewe’s milk cheese with a medium, mellow flavour that is slightly nutty with a hint of caramel.

  • Cornish Blue

    A sweet and creamy young cheese which imparts a delicate flavour and beautiful blue veining. Dry salted by hand and then matured for approx 12-14 weeks.

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