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Colston Bassett Stilton

Cow's cheese • Semi-hard, Blue • British

£3 per 100g


Both sweet and salty in perfect balance with a brilliance of blue veining running right through to its crumbly core.

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Tasting notes:

There are only a few notable Stiltons to concern yourselves with so let’s get straight to the point because your time is best placed munching on our delicious cheese – and here we have a sweet, creamy cracker of a blue cheese for you.  The first and only rule, and we really must insist upon it, is that this cheese is allowed enough time to reach room temperature before you sample its rich crumbly greatness.  This of course gives you plenty of time to let that heady red you have got in the wings to breathe for a moment too.  This is the true secret to unlocking Colston Bassett’s sweetness.

Its exquisite blue veining is a joy to behold.  Look closely for the network of tiny holes all over the rind, providing essential oxygen supplies right into the heart of cheese and vital for those characteristic blue moulds (Penicillium Roqueforti) to develop.  A Stilton is born!

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Weight 250 g

Milk Treatment






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