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Get that fromage feeling every month with five delicious hand selected cheeses delivered straight to your door. We’ll deliver approximately 1kg of cheese exhilaration to you each and every month. 

It can’t get better than that surely?  Well, yes, it can! Our amazing ‘Monthly Sub Box’ also comes with FREE DELIVERY

How does it work?

We’ll carefully prepare your cheeses, carefully wrap and pack and finish with a little je ne sais quoi and deliver your cheese every month. Each month we’ll select a different selection based on the cheeses of the season. As we use DPD, you can also manage your delivery so it’s convenient. 

Can I cancel? 

Of course. We just require 10 days’ notice of cancellation. 

It’s time to meet this month’s team…

  • Quicke’s Extra Mature
  • Crumbly Lancashire
  • Tomme de Pyrenees
  • Langres
  • Harrogate Blue

There’s a brief summary of these award-winning cheeses and their unique stories at the bottom of this page. We’ll also accompany your parcel with some information to enhance your enjoyment, including wine suggestions and recipes.

If this is a gift, why not add a personalised message? Many of our customers purchase cheese boxes as a unique and special gift idea.



  • Quicke’s ‘Extra Mature’


    So it’s fair to say that the Quicke family have been around for a day or two.  Their association with the farm dates back to the 16th Century! This mature cheddar is a protected cheese; PDO – ‘West Country Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese’.  Handcrafted using milk from their grass-fed cows, clothbound and naturally matured, typically for 18 months.  A rich and buttery cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavour, further developing as it reaches the back of the palate. Brothy, grassy, caramel notes.

    Crumbly Lancashire

    Crumbly Lancashire is a relative newcomer to the cheese landscape, arriving on the cheeseboard in the 1950s.  Cheese suffered under the cloud of the World Wars, focussing on styles that could be scaled up and with a longer shelf life.  However, crumbly Lancashire stands on its own. This eponymously named cheese is fresh and zingy and is best enjoyed young.  It is a great substitute for feta.

    Tomme de Normandie

    Traditionally ripened on spruce boards for three to six months, Tomme de Normandie is considered the ‘Fruit of Normandie’. This hard pressed cheese is surprisingly supple and fruity, Offering light notes of butterscotch, sweet spring grass, with pleasant piquant saline finish.


    A miniature supermodel of cheeses with its wrinkly geotrichum rind and sunken dimple (created by not turning the cheese in its early affinage). Russet hued and washed lovingly in Marc de Bourgogne (a spirit made from fermenting the grape skins and seeds) Its paste is soft, rich and spicy. If you’re feeling decadent and let’s face it, life is too short not to, fill the dimple with Marc de Bourgogne and enjoy. Or why try a nice ‘farmy’ cider for some real flavour. Traditionally drained on oat grass and aged on a lime leaf!

    Harrogate Blue

    Creamy, buttery, savoury and full bodied. Harrogate blue is a multi-award winning blue from Shepherd’s Purse; Winning gold medals at the 2018 (and voted 11th Best Cheese in the World), 2019 & 2020 World Cheese awards, Golden bodied and matured to perfection for 10 weeks to develop the right depth of flavour and creaminess.

** we will send your cheese box to you every month unless you provide 10 days cancellation notice.

*** the approximate weight of 800g-1kg is because we like to add at least one gem of a small uncut cheese to your box, these vary between 60 – 250g depending on the type of cheese. So sometimes its a little more and sometimes a little less but not by much!

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