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Get that fromage feeling every month with five delicious hand selected cheeses delivered straight to your door. We’ll deliver approximately 800g of cheese exhilaration to you each and every month.

It can’t get better than that surely?  Well, yes, it can! Our amazing ‘Monthly Sub Box’ comes with FREE DELIVERY.

How does it work?

We’ll carefully prepare your cheeses, carefully wrap and pack and finish with a little je ne sais quoi and deliver your cheese on the Friday of the week of your order every month. Each month we’ll select a different selection based on the cheeses of the season. As we use DPD, you can also manage your delivery so it’s convenient. 

Can I cancel? 

Of course. We just require 10 days’ notice of cancellation. 

It’s time to meet this month’s team…

  • Brillat-Savarin
  • Blue Monday
  • Cotherstone
  • Ashcombe
  • Truffle Gloucester

There’s a brief summary of these award-winning cheeses and their unique stories at the bottom of this page. We’ll also accompany your parcel with some information to enhance your enjoyment. 

If this is a gift, why not add a personalised message? Many of our customers purchase cheese boxes as a unique and special gift idea.



  • Brillat Savarin (UP/C)

    Made by the Rouzaire family.  It is lusciously creamy and sinfully rich.  The classic and original triple-cream cheese. Invented in the late 19th century, and named in homage to the late, great gastronome, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

    Blue Monday (P/C)

    This is a rich pasteurised, sophisticated blue created by Alex James, former band member of Blur, turned cheesemaker in collaboration with Judy Bell. Hand made in Yorkshire and matured for a minimum of 12 weeks, it develops a wonderfully soft, mellow, creamy texture. With a faintly sweet, intensely savoury, spicy and rich complex flavour. The cheese has bold cracks and blue streaks with a thin natural rind.

    Gold British Cheese Awards 2017.      Silver World Cheese Awards 2019

    Cotherstone (P/V/C)

    Cotherstone cheese is purposefully designed to be eaten young, and as such has a fresh, buttery, citrusy, and noticeably acidic taste. It is mild and creamy with a crumbly, open and moist texture with a waxed rind. A clear mushroom, earthy flavour can sometimes be found directly under the rind, where the cheese is much softer and richer.

    Ashcombe (P/C)

    A russet pigmented washed rind with a warm buttery centre, intersected with a horizontal layer of ash.  The paste; rich, creamy flavours with pleasant notes of sweet hazelnut and field mushroom.

    Truffle Gloucester (P/V)

    Truffle Gloucester by Simon Weaver starts as traditionally made Single Gloucester but has a rich and heady truffle-cream centre. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

*   your cheese will arrive on the Friday of the week of your order every month.

** we will send your cheese box to you every month unless you provide 10 days cancellation notice.

*** the approximate weight of 800g is because we like to add at least one gem of a small uncut cheese to your box, these vary between 60 – 250g depending on the type of cheese.

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