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Get that fromage feeling every month with five delicious hand selected cheeses delivered straight to your door. We’ll deliver approximately 1kg of cheese exhilaration to you each and every month.  **HOW ABOUT A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER?** Get your very first box for just £25 (use code  ‘£25-OFFER’ at Checkout) 

It can’t get better than that surely?  Well, yes, it can! Our amazing ‘Monthly Sub Box’ also comes with FREE DELIVERY

How does it work?

We’ll carefully prepare your cheeses, carefully wrap and pack and finish with a little je ne sais quoi and deliver your cheese every month. Each month we’ll select a different selection based on the cheeses of the season. As we use DPD, you can also manage your delivery so it’s convenient. 

Can I cancel? 

Of course. We just require 10 days’ notice of cancellation. 

It’s time to meet this month’s team…

  • Keen’s Extra Mature
  • Colston Bassett
  • Truffled Cornish Gouda
  • Waterloo
  • Tor

There’s a brief summary of these award-winning cheeses and their unique stories at the bottom of this page. We’ll also accompany your parcel with some information to enhance your enjoyment, including wine suggestions and recipes.

If this is a gift, why not add a personalised message? Many of our customers purchase cheese boxes as a unique and special gift idea.



  • Black Truffle Gouda

    You might have seen these guys on telly a few times now! Rick Stein, Countryfile? And heard the great story behind their journey into cheesemaking… if not then there’s your homework whilst you enjoy this cheese! Black Truffle Cornish Gouda is aged for 5-6 months. The cheese is mild and creamy with the distinctive earthy and rich flavour of diced black truffles

    Colston Bassett Stilton

    Dating back to 1913 and arguably the best Stilton, Colston Bassett boasts only four head cheese makers in its 100 year history. What’s more, they still use the milk from four of the original farms that formed the co-operative behind the creamery. velvety and smooth, with a full, well-balanced, sweet and ‘mineral-y’ flavour.


    A semi-soft cheese made from raw Guernsey cow’s milk with a vegetarian rennet. The cheese is made using a washed curd method which dilutes the acidity to achieve a gentle, mellow flavour. Its distinctive yellow colour is due to the natural carotene in the unpasteurised Guernsey milk which comes from a single herd of pedigree Guernsey cows. 

    Sweet fungal notes at its rind blurring into a delicious rich buttery paste underneath. 

    Keens Extra Mature Cheddar 

    The Keens family know cheddar, making their own brand of this famous cheese on their farm near Wincanton in Somerset. This extra mature cheddar is a real gum tingling treat. It’s everything you would expect… but extra. Great cheese from forward thinking conscientious farmers of happy well looked after cows! This is a modern classic; the ‘Extra’ mature is a relatively recent arrival to their repertoire. 


    Tor is a beautifully crafted fresh lactic goat’s cheese and formed in a pyramid shape, compressed in texture.  It has a unique geotrichum rind and is lightly coated with ash to add a very subtle peppery undertone along with a combination of lemony flavours and a typical goat’s cheese ‘tang’. As a rind ripening cheese its asymmetrical shape, facets and corners bring a variety of ripening areas, eight squidgy corners, and a goey top, surrounding its delicious crumbly lactic core.

** we will send your cheese box to you every month unless you provide 10 days cancellation notice.

*** the approximate weight of 800g-1kg is because we like to add at least one gem of a small uncut cheese to your box, these vary between 60 – 250g depending on the type of cheese. So sometimes its a little more and sometimes a little less but not by much!

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