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L'Affinage Du Fromage

Keen’s ‘EXTRA Mature’ Cheddar

Cow's cheese • Hard, Cheddar • British

£30 per 100g


Multiple layers of sophisticated flavour, running from savoury to sharp and tangy, this Keen’s EXTRA Mature Cheddar will not fail to intrigue and please.  It has a dense and creamy texture with a subtle luxuriance. A cheese with great depth, worthy of its many awards.  Matured for at least an extra six months in their affinage, Keens Mature Cheddar… ascended and amplified.

*Gold Award winner at the 2021 Artisan Cheese Awards, Melton Mowbray 


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Wincanton, Somerset

Tasting notes:

The passion for farming and animal welfare has been a priority for five generations at Moorhayes Farm and still runs strong there.  The milk travels just 50 yards to begin its destiny as an award-winning cheddar.  Of course, the bovine ladies on this farm are just like us: the more you are looked after, thought of, and cared for, the more you give back. New robotic milking parlours have been introduced here so the cows can amble in to be milked whenever they like – no queuing with elbows out here.  Dinner is ready and waiting while the milk is being collected and any health concerns are automatically flagged.  I really cannot wait to take a trip and see this all for myself.

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