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L'Affinage Du Fromage


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What ho, what ho!

Sit back, flick on the old gramophone, perhaps a little Charles Trenet, and spoil yourself rotten with four of our classical favourites.

Quickes Mature Cheddar – A cheddar of great provenance; cloth bound with a traditional farmy bite.

Donge Brie de Meaux – Unapologetically French; creamy, oozy with the recognisable brassica woof!  

Cropwell Bishop Stilton – Made lovingly, by hand, in Nottingham in the traditional way.  A beautiful mosaic of blue.  Salty, crumbly with subtle mushroom notes from the rind.

Langre – From the Champagne region, washed two year aged ‘eau de vie’ to give a creamy pungent treat of a cheese.


It doesn’t get better than that surely?  Well, actually, it does! The ‘Wodehouse’ comes with FREE DELIVERY.


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Quickes Mature Cheddar 200g

Donge Brie de Meaux 200g

Cropwell Bishop 200g

Langre 180g


* Some our cheeses are seasonal or are not available all year round.  If for any reason we can not source a particular cheese we will always find another delicious substitute to the equivalent value of the cheese that is being replaced.


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