L'Affinage Du Fromage

Brie De Meaux Donge

Cow's cheese • Soft • French

£2.38 per 100g


Soft white bloomy rind around a deliciously creamy centre. Warm mushroomy overtones with a nutty sweetness like fresh hazelnuts from the tree.

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Ile de France, North Central France

Tasting notes:

This is the Obe Wan Kenobe of cheeses. It has complexity, it has history (three generations of cheese makers), it has set grown men weeping with such joy with its promise of cheesy ooziness that, with a robust red, will render a lively table silent with the appreciation and respect it so rightly deserves.  It’s made by the Donge family just outside Paris and they have won the prestigious Medaille D’Or no less than 9 times since 2000 (some hope to just win this once in their lifetime so the force is strong is this family).  The Jedi of cheese makers, Luc and Jean-Michel, are carrying on what their grandfather started and are doing well.  Enough said:  stand tall, tear your baguette, and take a moment to appreciate the greatness of this cheese!

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Weight1000 g

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