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L'Affinage Du Fromage

‘Great, Great British Cheese & Charcuterie’ Box

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We’ve teamed up with multi award winning Marsh Pig Charcuterie and Peter’s Yard to bring you this wonderful selection of British cheese, charcuterie & sourdough crispbread.

The larger version of our ‘Great British Cheese & Charcuterie Box‘.  More great cheese, more charcuterie and more sourdough crispbread to make more people happy!

What’s in the box:

A good chunk of savoury twang from ‘Keens’ farmhouse cheddar, a wedge of delicious creamy Welsh ‘Perl Las’ blue, a buttery rind ripening ‘Old Burford’; made from the milk of just six Jersey cows, completed with the West Midlands born ‘Berkswell’; Britain’s answer to Manchego.

Then twice the tantalising selection of Marsh Pig Charcuterie as in our smaller box.  Made up from four of their outstanding products; Fennel Salami, Red Wine & Black Pepper Salami, Lomo and Bresaola.

Last, but not least, some of our favourite ‘Peter’s Yard – Original Sourdough Crispbread’.  This time the ‘medium’ sized biscuit; 10cm round, perfect to crack and share.

Over 800g of British cut cheese, 200g award winning cured sliced meats & 200g sourdough crispbreads. And… FREE DELIVERY!

* Whilst the photo does use the amounts you will receive of each product it is for illustrative purposes only, walnuts & grapes are not included – Charcuterie will arrive pre-sliced in a sealed vacuum pack so you receive it in the very best condition and the biscuits will be in their original Peter’s Yard packaging. 

** Some our cheeses are seasonal or are not available all year round.  If for any reason we can not source a particular cheese we will always find another delicious substitute to the equivalent value of the cheese that is being replaced.

Keen’s 'EXTRA Mature' Cheddar

Multiple layers of sophisticated flavour, running from savoury to sharp and tangy, this Keen’s EXTRA Mature Cheddar will not fail to intrigue and please.  It has a dense and creamy texture with a subtle luxuriance. A cheese with great depth, worthy of its many awards.  Matured for at least an extra six months in their affinage, Keens Mature Cheddar... ascended and amplified.

*Gold Award winner at the 2021 Artisan Cheese Awards, Melton Mowbray 



Perl Las Blue

Creamy, salty and golden, this organic cheese is simply unique and has a pleasant, lingering flavour.


Simon Weaver Cotswold Brie

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Marsh Pig, Charcuterie Selection × 2

Say hello to the Marsh Pig selection pack. They’ve put together a tantalizing selection;  4 of their outstanding products in one handy pack so you can nibble to your heart’s content.

Fennel salami, Red wine and black pepper salami, Lomo, Bresaola


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Peter's Yard 'Original' Medium Sourdough Crispbread

These award-winning sourdough crispbreads are inspired by Peter’s Yard love of Sweden, the home of crispbread. Selecting simple, natural ingredients including organic fresh milk, organic flour and their precious sourdough starter, which ferments for 16 hours before each batch is made.

Baked until crisp and golden, they are the natural choice for smoked salmon, cheese or pâté.  These are 10cm round, perfect for cracking and sharing.

*contains Wheat*


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Fosseway Fleece

This is a wonderful smooth and silky cheese with a fresh and clean taste, which ends in a mellow afterglow. Subtle flavours with sweet grassy notes and a stunning earthy-hued rind make this hard cheese a good introduction to Ewe’s milk cheeses.

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