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British Booty

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Candles lit, Stevie Wonder on repeat, all you need now is a cheese board to wow!  Guests will gasp in astonishment and wonder as they feast their eyes on this discerning selection showcasing the best British cheeses we have to offer. 

Photo for illustrative purposes; we have refreshed our ‘British Booty’ to represent some of the best of British farmhouse and artisan cheeses.

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**We can require 3 working days notice for orders of this board please just drop us a message if you need it sooner

* Some our cheeses are seasonal or are not available all year round.  If for any reason we can not source a particular cheese we will always find another delicious substitute to the equivalent value of the cheese that is being replaced.*


The 'un-conformist's' Stilton.  Unpasteurised and therefore not allowed in the Stilton club, this is a ripper! The name? Recorded in the twelfth century Lincoln Rolls, an early record of villages rather like the earlier Domesday Book which was carried out by Lincoln Cathedral. Derived for the old English 'Stichl' meaning a style and 'Tun' meaning village or hamlet."  The cheese; creamy, rich and nutty, with a gentle blue tang. Unpasteurised milk, slow acidification and hand-ladling make this cheese a revelation.


Beenleigh Blue

A chameleon of a cheese exhibiting many flavours as the seasons change - similar to a Roquefort: from light and fruity through to sweet and robust.  This sophisticated blue cheese is moist with a crumbly, flinty texture.



An individual soft washed rind cheese. During the ripening of Evenlode, the cheese is repeatedly washed in a special brine solution to develop it’s tender, orange rind. When young, the cheese is curdy and lactic, developing a soft breakdown below the rind as it ages. Once fully ripened, the cheese is soft and full of flavours of beef stock, roast onions and peanuts.  Its ripeness can be gauged with a gentle feel of the rind through the wrapper, getting more supple with age and akin to 'poking a love handle'!

Each cheese is around 250g 


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A very British, Camembert; soft, white-rinded and wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin. Tunworth is made markedly different thanks to the rounded green hills and lush grazing of its rural Hampshire terroir.  Despite being refined and perfected over the years Tunworth is still made entirely by hand, from the first ladle of pasteurised whole cow’s milk to the waxed paper wrap and poplar box packaging.  The difference between this and camembert? Whole milk, camembert plays second fiddle to the Normandy butter... Tunworth doesn't.

The finished 250g cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour.


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Baron Bigod

Beneath the nutty, mushroomy rind, Baron Bigod has a smooth, silky golden breakdown which will often ooze out over a delicate, fresh and citrussy centre. You will find long lasting flavours of warm earth, farmyard and mushrooms, with occasional notes of citrus and truffle


Perl Las Blue

Creamy, salty and golden, this organic cheese is simply unique and has a pleasant, lingering flavour.


Pave Cobble

A stunning creamy, springy soft cheese.  Tasting of cream and cobnuts as it melts in your mouth.


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Westcombe Cheddar

A softer Somerset artisan cheddar with warm mellow hazelnut and citrus flavours, complex and round with a subtle milkiness. You can taste the cave in this earthy treat of a cheese.



Peter's Yard 'Mixed Box' Sourdough Crispbread

Selection Box with 3 recipes and shapes of small sized crispbread in individually wrapped trays.

  • Original
  • Charcoal & Rye
  • Spelt and poppyseed

Spelt & Poppy Seed complements the flavour of a mild crumbly cheese like Caerphilly while Charcoal & Rye pairs beautifully with soft cheeses such as goat’s cheese or a ripe Brie. The Original recipe is the perfect partner for any cheese. The Great Taste Award judges awarded it 3 stars and described it as “the best biscuit for cheese out there”.

*contains Wheat*


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Peter's Yard 'Spelt & Fig' Sourdough Crispbread

These Spelt & Fig sourdough crispbreads are inspired by Peter’s Yard love of Sweden, the home of crispbread. Using simple, natural ingredients including organic spelt flour, organic fresh milk, dried fig pieces and their precious sourdough; fermented for 16 hours before each batch is made.

Baked until golden and crisp, they are the natural choice for a salty blue cheese.

*contains Wheat*

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Fosseway Fleece

This is a wonderful smooth and silky cheese with a fresh and clean taste, which ends in a mellow afterglow. Subtle flavours with sweet grassy notes and a stunning earthy-hued rind make this hard cheese a good introduction to Ewe’s milk cheeses.


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* Some our cheeses are seasonal or are not available all year round.  If for any reason we can not source a particular cheese we will always find another delicious substitute to the equivalent value of the cheese that is being replaced.

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