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Westcombe Cheddar

Cow's cheese • Hard, Cheddar • British, Somerset

£2.70 per 100g


A softer Somerset artisan cheddar with warm mellow hazelnut and citrus flavours, complex and round with a subtle milkiness. You can taste the cave in this earthy treat of a cheese.


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Evercreech, Somerset

Tasting notes:

This artisan cheese is nutty, earthy and has a hint of caramel which lingers pleasantly, long after the cheese has been devoured.  The milk reaches the dairy still warm and that is where the magic happens with traditional starter cultures and rennets.  Everything except the turning is done by hand here: the mixing of the salt; the stacking; and the binding with linen.  These clever people have cut into the hillside to create their own cave for maturing as many as 6,000 cheddars.  Even more clever was the introduction of ‘Tina’, their cheese turning robot who, with the aid of a microchip in each cheese, knows which one to turn and when. I need to visit this dairy again soon so keep an eye on our blog as we will try to get a picture or two of Tina.

This cheese has a fairly high snazzy rating. It looks impressive with its linen impressions and it tastes exquisite.  If you just want to treat yourself then perhaps hide this cheese somewhere secret. Otherwise you can see it elicit gasps of joy from any friends you like well enough to share your indulgence with – you will thank us for making this introduction.

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Weight 250 g



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