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L'Affinage Du Fromage

‘Treat Me’

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So what’s in a ‘Treat Me’ box?

This box features 3 cheeses from this month’s subscription box – and comes with FREE DELIVERY

Maybe you just want to dip your toe tentatively into the world of Fromage?  Maybe you have a cosy evening for two planned and a little cheese love is required? Maybe you just want to treat someone special, either way, this is the box for you.  Each month the ‘Treat Me’ selection will showcase three or four sneaky little treats from the Monthly Sub Box – around 500g of delicious fromage heaven.

So what tasty treats are in this month’s box for you:

  • Devon Oke
  • Simon Weaver Organic Cotswold Brie
  • Lancashire Blue

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  • Devon Oke (P/V/C)

    Made in Okehampton, Devon by Rachel Stephens at the Curworthy Creamery. Milk from their own herd of Fresian cows is used to make this full fat rinded modern British hard cheese to a 17th Century recipe. A mild tasting cheese with lots of flavour and a nutty finish.

    Cotswold Organic Brie (P/C/V)

    Cotswold Brie is a delicious white, soft moulded cheese, produced from organic milk on the farm.. It is rich creamy, clean and fresh to taste, and while it continues to develop flavour over its life, it doesn’t become a pungent cheese. Simon’s Organic Cotswold Brie is ideal for eating as a light lunch, perhaps with just a beautiful crisp English apple; it is equally at home on a dinner party cheese board.

    Lancashire Blue  (P/C/V)

    This soft, blue-veined cheese is made from the milk of Pedigree Holstein Friesian cows and matured in a man-made cave to develop even blue-veining throughout the body of the cheese. A multiple award winner, Lancashire Blue has been awarded Best UK Blue Cheese at The International Cheese Awards.


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