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L'Affinage Du Fromage

‘Treat Me’

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So what’s in a ‘Treat Me’ box?

This box features 3 cheeses from this month’s subscription box – and comes with FREE DELIVERY

Maybe you just want to dip your toe tentatively into the world of Fromage?  Maybe you have a cosy evening for two planned and a little cheese love is required? Maybe you just want to treat someone special, either way, this is the box for you.  Each month the ‘Treat Me’ selection will showcase three or four sneaky little treats from the Monthly Sub Box – around 500g of delicious fromage heaven.

So what tasty treats are in this month’s box for you:

  • Montagnolo
  • Ducketts Caerphilly
  • Caprino Fresco

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**Photo for illustrative purposes only. You will receive 3 cheeses.


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  • Montagnolo

    Montagnolo Affine is a blue, triple crème soft cheese made in the Allgau region of Germany. It is surface ripened with a beautifully ‘downy’ natural grey (edible) rind and is punctuated with delicate little pockets of blue. Ageing at a low temperature allows the cheese to mature slowly and develop its aromatic and spicy flavour.  Notes of freshly picked field mushroom from the rind, over a rich salted butter paste.

    Duckett’s Caerphilly

    Duckett’s Aged Caerphilly has a lovely fresh character with a clean lactic tang, followed by  flavours of summer grass, raw mushroom and a savoury/umami finish. The real beauty of this cheese is the contrast between the crumbly interior and the softer area towards the rind. It’s almost like two cheeses in one!

    Caprino Fresco

    Caprino is a goat’s milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy; its name actually comes from the word capra, which means goat. This appellation is similar to how the French use the word chevre [goat] to describe many different types of goat cheese. Caprino Fresco has a bitter sweet, creamy, and slightly citrus taste.

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