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L'Affinage Du Fromage

‘One Off’ Sub Box

Ideal for 4-6 people

£38 per box


Want to see what joy you could receive by post every month? Why not try our ‘One Off’ Sub Box, all of the same specially selected cheeses that our monthly subscribers receive… just once.

It doesn’t get better than that surely?  Well, yes, it does! Our amazing ‘One Off’ Sub Box comes with FREE DELIVERY.

Approximately 800g of lip smacking joy at the click of a button.

Let’s see what cheese excitement this month’s subscribers have in stall…

  • Lyburn Gold
  • Pont l’Eveque
  • Pitchfork Cheddar
  • Golden Cenarth
  • Crottin Pasdeloup

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Want your order Wednesday, Mar 04? , Order in next
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  • Lyburn Gold (150g)

    A delicious smooth & creamy Gouda style cheese from near Salisbury in Wiltshire.  Sweet & young, with a great length of nutty flavour, it still retains a little spring to the pate at three months young.


    Pont l’Eveque (220g)

    This intriguing square of soft rind ripening pong is also known as Moyaux cheese.  Very rich, creamy & full-bodied. Pont l’Eveque is excellent dessert cheese and pairs particularly well with a robust wine or pokey Normandy cidre!  At home we always remove from the fridge early so we can enjoy it at its best; at room temperature.


    Pitchfork Cheddar (150g)

    From the same award winning stable as Gorwydd Caerphilly the Trethowan Dairy have turned their skills to making this amazing cloth-bound Cheddar. Full-bodied with a dense, creamy texture & an acidic, juicy bite… ranked 4th overall in the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy… & best British cheese in the world!


    Golden Cenarth  (200g)

    Another amazing cheese from the same Caws Cenarth Dairy who bought you one of our own favourites at l’affinage; the creamy organic Perl Las.  This time it’s a radiant golden hued cider washed delight that rivals any Epoisse. As with all soft washed cheeses it gives off a delicious woof but behind lies a long, sweet, nutty flavour.  Ready to eat or make it dribble. Bake for 20 minutes at 200oc & dunk fresh bread straight into the molten cheese.


    Crottin Pasdeloup (60g)

    Tiny perfection in pure white!  Produced by Jean Pasdeloup in the Loire, the taste is mellow with subtle hints of citrus. This goat cheese pairs beautifully with ripe pear & a drop of chilled Sancerre.


** the approximate weight of 800g is because we like to add at least one gem of a small uncut cheese to your box, these vary between 80 – 250g depending on the type of cheese.

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