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L'Affinage Du Fromage


Ideal for 80 evening food or 120 after dinner

£300 each


Five tiers of harmony; Mussenden.  Winslade adorned with the brick coloured Katherine at its peak.  The perfectly honed Berkswell nestled above some oh so tasty Blue Vinney, finished with a wheel of Montgomery. Boom!

Approximately 12kg

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  • Katherine

    Katherine is an artisan goat cheese with a slightly soft texture, lovely strong flavours with a subtle farmhouse undertone.

  • Winslade

    Vacherin meets camembert this little spruce wrapped cheese is tasting of woody earthiness with delicate floral notes. Rich and interesting in taste and appearance.

  • Berkswell

    Sweet and nutty with caramel notes and a tangy hard grainy texture. Berkswell is matured for around 4 months and has won many notable awards. It is similar to Pecorino or Manchego in style. This is an impressive looking cheese with a red, russet and golden hued rind.

  • Dorset Blue Vinny

    Similar to a Stilton, not quite as crumbly but packing a punch taste wise. Delicate veining throughout.

  • Montgomery

    An artisan cheddar with melt in the mouth properties. It has a rich, savoury and nutty flavour with a slightly dry and crumbly texture and sometimes a little blue veining.

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We are taking orders for Christmas now. Final delivery date is the 23rd December.