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Cow's cheese • • Swiss

£3.40 per 100g


Zazwil is the meeting place for farmers from four small tributary valleys of Emmental.  This cheese has experienced three production stages; in the cellar during the first 12 months, it is washed, then it enters the Cirone stage.  ‘Ciron’ is the French for mite, which gives you a hint as to what happens; the mites feed on the rind, allowing the cheese to breath instead of suffocating in its own rind.  For the final stage the cheese is bought to an oil cellar, here it is like a spa visit! Firstly it is rubbed with oil and turned regularly, then it rests until the ideal level of maturation is achieved.


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Tasting notes:

Cirone has an intense aroma with malty and caramel notes, and despite its 20-22 months aging it is still remarkably creamy.

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Milk Treatment



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