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L'Affinage Du Fromage

‘Big Bash’

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Be remembered as ‘The First, The Last, The Everything’ with this Barry White corker of a cheese selection.  This larger than life selection is perfect for large gatherings, parties that need remembering and everything else in between.  Your status has just been upgraded to ‘Legend’, congratulations on your epic fromage choice, ‘chapeau’ to the ‘Grand Fromage Supremo’.

The compilation below is just the start, a feast for your eyes so to speak, but when the delivery arrives the real adventure begins for you and your chosen few!

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A russet pigmented washed rind with a warm buttery centre, intersected with a horizontal layer of ash.  The paste; rich, creamy flavours with pleasant notes of sweet hazelnut and field mushroom.  But why! See our additional info below!



Perl Las Blue

Creamy, salty and golden, this organic cheese is simply unique and has a pleasant, lingering flavour.


Roquefort - Le Vieux Berger

Allegedly one of the world's oldest cheeses, still made in those wonderful limestone caves in the traditional way.  This cheese is a blue cheese lover's dream! Its powerful yet refined flavour coupled with that melt in the mouth texture making it truly irresistible!  Couple with a heady red and nirvana is reached.

(We apologise for the stock photo, we will update with one of our own mouthwatering shots as soon as we can!)

Fourme d'Ambert - AOP La Tradition

An introverted little cheese that belies it's mighty and rightly deserved presence on any self respecting cheeseboard. It's flavour is subtle, mild and creamy with earthy notes and a hint of fruitiness. Although mild tasting it flavour builds as it's devoured.
Fourme d'Ambert takes its name from a combination of the latin word 'forma' which means shape or form and the town of Ambert - which is the main town in the Livadois.

Baron Bigod

Beneath the nutty, mushroomy rind, Baron Bigod has a smooth, silky golden breakdown which will often ooze out over a delicate, fresh and citrussy centre. You will find long lasting flavours of warm earth, farmyard and mushrooms, with occasional notes of citrus and truffle



Katherine is an artisan goat cheese with a slightly soft texture, lovely strong flavours with a subtle farmhouse undertone. 

Each perfect little cheese weighs around 250g


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Tor by White Lake Cheese

Tor is a fabulous, quirky, pyramid-shaped, unpasteurised goats cheese created in tribute to the ancient Glastonbury Tor in Somerset. With an ash coating and geotrichum* rind, this soft goats cheese has a very smooth close texture.

*Geotrichum is a specific genus of fungus - These cheesemakers are clever people, we had to look it up ourselves!

A unique flavour, tasting fresh and lemony, with a hint of earthiness.

Love the sound of this? Then click on this link! We’ve paired the beautiful Tor with three other indulgent cheeses in our ‘Mighty Mini Minaret’; a power tower of delicious artisan cheese! 


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Comté AOP Petite Fort Saint Antoine


Trethowan’s 'Gorwydd' Aged Caerphilly

This mould ripened cheese has a chalky outer appearance with an aromatic, fresh taste in its centre, ripening to a mushroomy flavour from the rind. It’s a bit of a show stopper and definitely one to get people talking around the table.

Winner of Best British Cheese at the 2021 world cheese awards held in Oviedo, Spain, gaining 7th place overall.


Pitchfork Cheddar by the Trethowan Brothers

This exceptional cheddar has a dense, creamy texture and is distinguished by its full-bodied flavour with a succulent and lactic bite.  A grown up cheddar for a discerning palate; its subtle complexity deserves time to develop in the mouth, giving of hints of toasted seeds, fruit and drifts of autumn leaves.

2019 World cheese awards Bergamo, Italy

  • Best British Cheese
  • Best Extra Mature Cheddar
  • Best Mature Traditional Cheddar
  • 2 Super Gold Medals

'Gold', 2021 Artisan Cheese Awards Melton Mowbray



Fresh, 'Chevre' style, mould ripened cheese made with buttery rich organic Jersey milk.  This amazing wrinkly little cheese is charcoal dusted with its own special edible flora, developing over the rind as it matures.  Once cut the delicious pate resembles the texture of decadent velvety ice cream!

Each cheese is around 220g 


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Peter's Yard 'Mixed Box' Sourdough Crispbread × 2

Selection Box with 3 recipes and shapes of small sized crispbread in individually wrapped trays.

  • Original
  • Charcoal & Rye
  • Spelt and poppyseed

Spelt & Poppy Seed complements the flavour of a mild crumbly cheese like Caerphilly while Charcoal & Rye pairs beautifully with soft cheeses such as goat’s cheese or a ripe Brie. The Original recipe is the perfect partner for any cheese. The Great Taste Award judges awarded it 3 stars and described it as “the best biscuit for cheese out there”.

*contains Wheat*


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An individual soft washed rind cheese. During the ripening of Evenlode, the cheese is repeatedly washed in a special brine solution to develop it’s tender, orange rind. When young, the cheese is curdy and lactic, developing a soft breakdown below the rind as it ages. Once fully ripened, the cheese is soft and full of flavours of beef stock, roast onions and peanuts.  Its ripeness can be gauged with a gentle feel of the rind through the wrapper, getting more supple with age and akin to 'poking a love handle'!

Each cheese is around 250g 


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  • * Some our cheeses are seasonal or are not available all year round.  If for any reason we can not source a particular cheese we will always find another delicious substitute to the equivalent value of the cheese that is being replaced.

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