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Cow's cheese • Soft • Vegetarian • British

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This Vacherin/Camembert cross is encircled in a spruce collar giving Winslade its unique and distinctive pine note.  Matured in the same way as traditional Camembert, Winslade has an unusual pinkish hue and a dappled rind.  A ripe Winslade is soft, complex with a quiet floral earthiness.  A deliciously rich objet d’art on the board that is gentle on the palate.

Each cheese is around 230g 

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Herriard, Hampshire, England

Tasting notes:

Stacey Hedges started making cheese at home in 2004, after falling in love with cheese whilst working for cheesemongers in Australia.  Eventually her husband gave her an ultimatum: get serious or stop making cheese.  Stacey researched among cheesemongers what was missing in the market, which led to her deciding to make a Camembert in a style akin to the traditional French.  So she set up Hampshire Cheeses, and Tunworth was born, named after the nearby hamlet of Tunworth, near Basingstoke.

Stacey and Charlotte wanted to create a cheese that was a similar size and texture to Tunworth, so they could manage it using the same tools, but very different.  Using expertise from cheese guru Ivan Larcher they created a new Vacherin/Camembert cross.  Encircled in spruce, it takes on a piney note and has a similar rind to washed rind cheeses.  In fact, Winslade is not washed, but uses similar moulds and bacteria to a washed rind cheese, and is matured for eight weeks a high ammonia environment, which creates its pinky hue and dappled rind.

Not as strong as Tunworth, mature Winslade is soft and gooey, with gentle floral and piney notes.

Another success story for Hampshire Cheeses: shortly after its launch, Winslade was awarded Best New Cheese at 2013 The British Cheese Awards.

Further Info:

Weight 220 g

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