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Westcombe – Finocchiona – Whole

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Westcombe veal salami studded with hand diced veal loin and flavoured with specially sourced Sicilian fennel.

Westcombe Charcuterie is made in the heart of East Somerset using pasture reared pork from Gothelney Farm and Veal from their own dairy herd, this partnership provides a viable use for the bull calves, rearing them on the farm for 6-8 months.  Like the rest of the herd they enjoy the luscious green pasture, roaming the hills around Westcombe from spring to autumn, then spend the winter in airy deep straw barns when the ground is too wet and weather to harsh over the winter.  The veal salamis are at the very heart of why Westcombe produce charcuterie, and the pork from Fred Price at Gothelney Farm is the backbone of the product range. The Tamworth pigs are reared to 10 months of age, fed on cover crops and herbal leys as part of the farm’s low input soil fertility management system producing heritage grain. Finished on entirely home-grown ration, the pigs reach a weight of approximately 120kg, which is ideal for making charcuterie and provides the ample back fat required to make veal salami. Westcombe then use their experience in maturing cheese to inform their process for mould ripening their charcuterie, allowing the microbial terroir of Westcombe to impart a unique flora and character to the salume.  All the salami are fully cured, ready to eat and are happy to be kept at ambient temperatures. (18oc and below)

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