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L'Affinage Du Fromage


Ideal for 35 evening food or 50 after dinner

£165 each


Soft creamy Winslade with its flashy birch bark girdle sits on top of our Tyndale Celebration Cake.  Then comes Old Demdike with its granary loaf like rind, this is followed by the pure chalky white of Sharpham Ticklemore, all perfectly paired together with a good chunk of the legendary Dorset Blue Vinny.

Approximately 5kg

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  • Winslade

    Vacherin meets camembert this little spruce wrapped cheese is tasting of woody earthiness with delicate floral notes. Rich and interesting in taste and appearance.

  • Old Demdike

    Old Demdike is a washed curd cheese with a deep russet red natural rind. It has a springy texture and a creamy taste, with sharper lemony after tones.

  • Sharpham ticklemore

    Moving from crisp and lemony to earthy as this cheese matures, the flavours are delicate and subtle. A bloomy white rind, whilst the paste is on the chalky side.

  • Dorset Blue Vinny

    Similar to a Stilton, not quite as crumbly but packing a punch taste wise. Delicate veining throughout.

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