L'Affinage Du Fromage

Tomme De Savoie

Cow's cheese • Semi soft • French

£2.50 per 100g


Both creamy and light with nutty undertones this mountain cheese has a subtle flavour and simplicity.

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    Savoie, France

    Tasting notes:

    Its coat is of grey velvet, even a little musty (but in the same distinguished way we greet the flavour of the ‘affinage’ in our own artisan cheeses) with warm mushroomy undertones.  This is an alpage or high mountain semi-firm cheese and varies greatly with the season as the cows move from high to low pastures to graze.  In Spring, the taste is creamy yet light as the cows graze lower down the mountain, while in the winter  they are fed on hay and so the cheese becomes more nutty, robust and earthy. This is a simple and rustic cheese with small holes that permeate the cheese.

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