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Village Maid – Spenwood

Ewe's cheese • Hard, Semi-hard • Vegetarian • British

£4 per 100g


Inspired by a Pecorino cheese when producer Anne Wigmore visited Sardinia. This cheese whilst supple has a nutty, sweet savoury taste that becomes more piquant as it matures.

Made with raw sheep’s milk you can really taste a mix of styles such as Pecorino, Manchego and Parmesan.  It’s texture is slightly granular and dry, a touch of zestiness with largely savoury undertones.

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Risely, Berkshire

Tasting notes:

Spenwood takes its name from ‘Spencers Wood’ and is made in the Berkshire village of Risely.  However it was during a six month sabbatical from Anne’s job that she visited Sardinia and immediately fell in love with the wonderful local cheeses of Sardinia, in particular Pecorino Sardo.

Putting into practice her knowledge as a microbiologist working for the National Institute for Research in Dairying, she devoted her efforts into making a cheese just as delicious.  Spenwood is supple textured with a complex, well developed nutty flavour.  The longer it matures the harder and more piquant it becomes making it an ideal substitute for Pecorino on all your pasta and risotto dishes.

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Weight 250 g

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