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Schlossberger (18 months)

Cow's cheese • Hard, Semi-hard • Swiss

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This raw milk cheese is produced next to the ruins of the Schlossberg Castle in the Emmental Valley, Switzerland. The milk is delivered twice a day from local farmers whose herds graze within 5 miles of the dairy, the 45kg wheels are aged 18-23 months in the caves beneath the castle itself. This mature Schlossberger has pronounced hazelnut flavours and a round buttery finish in the mouth; finding a lovely balance between the umami notes of aged Comte and the sweetness of cave aged Gruyere; firm but creamy, evenly peppered with a crystalline crunch leading into distinct earthy notes at the rind.



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Tasting notes:

During the winter months, the cattle are fed with hay, resulting in a paler, crumbly Schlossberger.


Further Info:

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