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L'Affinage Du Fromage


Ideal for 100 as evening food or 150 after dinner

£335 each


A pyramid of ‘Driftwood’ logs adorn Rushton, like the cold embers of a fire they counterpoise the warmth emanated by Berkswell and its pinky tones.  Hand crafted Cropwell Bishop Stilton brings in some blue and the Gorwydd Caerphilly offers freshness to the palate.  Westcombe Red then finishes off this perfect collaboration with its very own cave aged flavours.

Approximately 15kg

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  • Driftwood

    Driftwood is a fresh, lactic, log-shaped goat cheese with a distinctive lemon flavour and a silky smooth, thick texture. This vivid ash coated goat log, with a natural rind, slices perfectly into neat discs of deliciousness

  • Berkswell

    Sweet and nutty with caramel notes and a tangy hard grainy texture. Berkswell is matured for around 4 months and has won many notable awards. It is similar to Pecorino or Manchego in style. This is an impressive looking cheese with a red, russet and golden hued rind.

  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton

    Both sweet and salty in perfect balance with a brilliance of blue veining running right through to its crumbly core.

  • Gorwydd

    This mould ripened cheese has a chalky outer appearance with an aromatic, fresh taste in its centre, ripening to a mushroomy flavour from the rind. It’s a bit of a show stopper and definitely one to get people talking around the table.

  • Westcombe Red

    This is Westcombe’s take on the traditional Red Leicester – we think they’ve smashed it! It is mellow, and tastes of roasted nuts and summer grass – characterful and semi-hard texture.

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