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L'Affinage Du Fromage

Parmigiano Reggiano PDO – 18 month aged

Cow's cheese • Hard • Italian

£3 per 100g



The best bit about having a cheese business? … having a great big hunk of fruity parmesan in our fridge at all times!

A truly versatile cheese; melted, grated, flaked or crumbled on to food or just on its own, what’s not to like!  Ours is at least 18 months old, still a few youthful buttery notes with some beautiful fruity undertones but with all of the length of flavour you expect from a top quality parmesan.

(We apologise for the stock photo, we will update with one of our own mouthwatering shots as soon as we can!)

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Castelnovo Di Sotto, Italy

Tasting notes:

Slightly grassy with a fruity rounded finish; adding crunch and texture to salads and fresh umami notes to any dish.


Further Info:

Weight 250 g

Milk Treatment





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