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Martell’s Single Gloucestershire

Cow's cheese • Semi-hard • British

£3.40 per 100g


Velvety duck-egg grey rind with a firm but sometimes crumbly centre; creamy and buttery with a sweet saltiness.

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Dymock, Gloucestershire

Tasting notes:

I often describe this as our most dangerous cheese.  Once I was left alone with a reasonably large chunk of the stuff and it slowly disappeared chased down with a delicious red – I can’t explain what happened! I have it on good authority from other customers that this is indeed the crack of cheeses!

This is a cheese to make you feel virtuous and angelic, in fact this is the favourite of Sylvia (the lady in her seventies who sells bread next to our market stall every week) .  She is on a low-fat diet on doctor’s orders and so since discovering that the Single Gloucester has a lower fat content she has a sneaky slice cut and handed over each market day.  We have not heard how her cholesterol count is doing but she seems as fit as a fiddle and hard as nails, so we reckon this cheese is made of good stuff.  Its lower fat content is thanks to the addition of skimmed milk to the full fat milk – although don’t be mistaken, this cheese is very creamy and has a wonderful springy texture.  It is made using only milk from the pedigree Gloucester cow in Gloucestershire itself, thanks to its PDO* status.

*protected designation of origin


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Weight 250 g

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