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Isle of Mull – Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar

Cow's cheese • Hard, Cheddar • Scotland, British

£2.45 per 100g


A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Farmhouse Cheddar, with flavours that are upfront, richly savoury and boozy. Now that really does sound good doesn’t it!

From time to time, blue veins develop in “Isle of Mull”. This is a natural blueing considered by many to be a delectable bonus; certainly it is not harmful and generally such blueing is found in cheese of especially rich maturity.

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Isle of Mull

Tasting notes:

The Farm’ Sgriob – Ruadh’ is 300 acres of mostly rock and bog, but just enough for the milking cows to graze! Well we say graze… made with unpasteurised milk from hardy, healthy, island cows fed on grass and whisky grains from the Tobermory Distillery!!!

The family started with just 10 cows which were brought up with Jeff and Chris and the boys when they moved up from Somerset in 1979.  The farm was a ruin and no-one had been living there for many years but one of the first things to be built was a roof over the cow shed so that they could be housed.  It soon dawned on the only dairy farmers on Mull as to why this was so (apparently everyone else is far too sensible!) but determination and passion prevailed and a home and a business were forged.  Isle of Mull Cheddar is the result.


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