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L'Affinage Du Fromage

Wild Garlic Yarg

Cow's cheese • Semi-hard • Vegetarian • British

£3 per 100g


The same tangy, fresh and zesty cheese as the original Yarg but this time beautifully wrapped in wild ramson (garlic) leaves which impart their delicate flavour. Peppery, fresh and clean.

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  • 1kg

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Near Truro, Cornwall

Tasting notes:

Don’t be fooled by this cheese’s leafy green overcoat.  The wild garlic embellishment imparts subtle sweet garlic flavours from the rind inwards, and beneath lies the same fresh, lactic Yarg that has amassed quite a following since it was first introduced in the 1980s.  A cheese to keep the most persistent vampires at bay and best eaten by couples together unless in separate bedrooms.

Further Info:

Weight 250 g

Milk Treatment





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