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Cow's cheese • Soft • British

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An individual soft washed rind cheese. During the ripening of Evenlode, the cheese is repeatedly washed in a special brine solution to develop it’s tender, orange rind. When young, the cheese is curdy and lactic, developing a soft breakdown below the rind as it ages. Once fully ripened, the cheese is soft and full of flavours of beef stock, roast onions and peanuts.  Its ripeness can be gauged with a gentle feel of the rind through the wrapper, getting more supple with age and akin to ‘poking a love handle’!

Each cheese is around 250g 


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Chedworth, Gloucestershire

Tasting notes:

Evenlode is produced by David Jowett who trained in culinary arts before cheese took him away from the kitchen. While on an internship at Ram Hall Farm, he enrolled to study for a one year diploma in dairying at the School of Artisan Food, where he studied the craft of farmhouse cheesemaking alongside other traditional food disciplines. His journey in cheese has taken him from co-managing a branch of Paxton & Whitfield to making cheese at Berkswell, the Welbeck Estate (Stichelton), the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, USA, Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, and then two years as head cheesemaker at Gorsehill Abbey Farm, Worcestershire, before embarking on Rollright in 2015.

Further Info:

Weight 220 g

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