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Cantal – AOC

Cow's cheese • Semi-hard • French

£2.95 per 100g


Named after the Cantal Mountains, this is one of France’s oldest cheeses dating back to the Gauls.

Cantal is a farmhouse cheese specifically made of raw milk from the ‘Salers’ breed of cattle which have been fed on mountain meadow hay between 15 November to 15 April. Somewhat reminiscent of Cheddar, its strong, tangy buttery taste grows with age. A well ripened Cantal has a vigorous taste, while a young cheese has the sweetness of raw milk.  Its smell hints of earth and pasture lands, reminiscent of the rich grazing of the Auvergne region from which it originates.

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Cantal, France

Tasting notes:

Aromas of butter & cream, close-textured, fresh, sweet & milky in flavour with a slight hint of hazelnut, & vanilla.  Leaning towards a more ‘farmy’ flavour as it ages. 

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