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Cow's cheese • Hard, Cheddar • British

£2.00 per 100g


A beautiful russet coloured rind and a golden cheese which adds a lovely smoky flavour to any dish. Earthy and woody, this cheese has gained an extra layer of complexity which takes it to a new level.

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Evercreech - South Somerset

Tasting notes:

Made by the lovely people at Westcombe Dairy, this smaller 2kg smoked cheese is based on their famous cheddar is smoked over cherrywood for 12 hours inside a traditional red telephone box – yes, a telephone box!  It is one of those cheeses that can deepen the flavour of many cooked dishes or eaten on its own will give a lovely more-ish tangy, smoky and woody flavour.  It has a characteristically russet hue.  This would be a lovely intriguing addition to a cheeseboard – it may divide opinion but with your politician’s hat on you’ll be fine.  After all who wouldn’t want to eat a cheese smoked in such a British way?

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