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Wyfe of Bath

Cow's cheese • Semi-hard • Vegetarian • British

£3 per 100g


Wyfe of Bath is made at Park Farm in the beautiful village of Kelston which is situated just outside Bath.  Made by Graham Padfield and his team with beautiful organic milk from his own herd of Holstein Fresian cows.  Every cheese is still hand made and aged in cloth bound basket moulds for approximately four months which allows the flavours to deepen and develop fully.  With hints of vanilla and butter at its succulent core developing a more savoury tone towards the rind.  

Named after the famous 14th century  classic ‘Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer the old English spelling of ‘wife’ is used to tell the tale of one of it’s characters.

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Keltson, Near Bath

Tasting notes:

Similar to young Gouda… but far more beautiful!

Gold Winner at the 2017 Artisan Cheese Awards 

Supreme champion International cheese awards 2019

Further Info:

Weight 250 g

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