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Lamb Leer

Ewe's cheese • Soft • Vegetarian • British

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Wrapped in a beautiful white downy jacket, Lamb Leer is a soft white bloomy cheese with a loose crumb which melts in the mouth. Sweet, creamy and lemony


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Ubley, Near Bristol

Tasting notes:

Lambs Leer is a soft white cheese with a bloomy rind.  Best at around 6 weeks.  The texture resembles a loose crumb which melts in the mouth.  With age, the cheese will break down around the rind, but the centre will remain textured.  Sweet and creamy in flavour, quite lemony in the younger cheeses, giving way to richer tones as they age.  Approx. 300g, these are supplied as young cheeses allowing a further 3-4 weeks maturation, depending on taste.

Further Info:

Weight 300 g

Milk Treatment




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