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‘Best Dad’ Birthday Box

Ideal for ALL people

£20 per box


‘Best Dad’ Birthday Box

Let’s celebrate ‘The King’ of the cheesy one liner, you know the ones, those groaning tumble weed moments that only ‘The Old Man’ is capable of!  We forgive his awful puns because he’s always there; armed with his trusty bargain Lidl power drill, ready at a moment’s notice to help with any DIY task.  Nothing is too big, nothing too small, and with no regard for his own personal safety… he’ll give it a go!

Dad is always ready and waiting for the call to action, cloak at the ready; shelves to be erected, Ikea furniture assembled (and to think all those spare bits weren’t needed?!) and we all remember that time he set his foot on fire or drove the lawn mower through the neighbour’s hedge. (Well my dad did anyway!) Fun times!

But it’s the lifts, it’s the hugs, it’s his strong but fair approach, that he’s always there (and we always have to have a little joke about his nose hair!) For all of this and so much more, Dad(s) we salute you.  You’re the best.

But let’s not get all emotional, not all Dads are liberated that way!  Let’s say a huge thank you for being there in actions not words with some amazing specially selected hand cut artisan cheese:

500g of pure cheese indulgence including the amazing washed rind ‘Gubeen’ from County Cork, the earthy ‘Westcome Cheddar’, creamy Perl Las Blue from Wales and a Cornish Truffle Brie…  for just £20 INCLUDING FREE DELIVERY!

All you need to do now is persuade him to share it with you his new favourite child!



Want your order tomorrow, Nov 14? Order in next
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  • Gubeen

    Gubeen has a warm pinky washed rind wrapped over its buttery core.  Sweet when young, it develops a more pungent aroma as it ages but the flavour is deep and lasting.  One of our favourites of the moment.  From County Cork in Ireland.

  • Westcome Cheddar

    This artisan cheese is nutty, earthy and has a hint of caramel which lingers pleasantly, long after the cheese has been devoured.  The milk reaches the dairy still warm and that is where the magic happens with traditional starter cultures and rennets.  Everything except the turning is done by hand here: the mixing of the salt; the stacking; and the binding with linen.  These clever people have cut into the hillside to create their own cave for maturing as many as 6,000 cheddars.  .


  • Perl Las Blue

    Creamy, salty and golden, this organic cheese is simply unique and has a pleasant, lingering flavour.

    Not all cheeses are created equally – forget the soggy Stilton your Great Aunt Maude would scoop out of a jar taken from the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard and blow a puff of dust from the top.  Sit up and pay attention as this cheese deserves an audience!  In cheese history this is a relative newcomer to the circuit.  Made in Mid-Wales in response to European Community milk quotas which were threatening the family farm, this business was established in 1987 and since then they haven’t looked back (in anger… as the song goes).

  • The Truffler

    The Truffler has a truly unique character that will surprise and excite your palate.  Wild truffle tones are devilishly flavoursome, making this mould ripened cheese truly unique and one that is nosed out by the cheese connoisseur such as yourself.

    Distinctly earthy, a slight mushroom note is associated with the rind.  As soon as you cut into him, a fresh and milky aroma will appear combined with subtlety of truffles.  As this brie matures its aroma intensifies but still remains creamy with the truffle slowly replacing those milky notes.

    The Truffler is a subtle cheese throughout its life, but as he develops the cheese and truffle flavour will intensify, the perfect compliment to the velvet soft creaminess.

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