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Duckett’s Caerphilly

Cow's cheese • Crumbly, Semi-hard • British, Somerset

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Fresh tasting with a clean lactic tang, followed by bright flavours of fresh grass, raw mushroom and citrus. Firm, but soft and springy, it has a lightness and delicate flavour.

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Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

Tasting notes:

So here we go, the completely honest truth (look away now if you’re easily offended) is that Caerphilly cheese, although originally made in Wales, started being made in Somerset in the 1800s.  There! – I’ve said it. Quite simply it was so good (hurrah!) and demand was so high that supply couldn’t be met so opportunists across the border gave it a go.  In fact, many cheddar makers preferred this quicker maturing cheese (taking only months) over the significantly longer one-year maturing cheddars.

I love a story and I love fromage so when the two come together, well does it get any better? This cheese was originally made by Chris Duckett but having given up farming in the 1990s in the same place where his family had been making rinded Caerphilly since the 1920s, he moved his cheese making to Westcombe Farm to carry on doing what he loved.  Unfortunately, ill-health forced him to give up making his cheese a few years later. In honour of Chris the recipe was adopted, and his Caerphilly continued to be made and named Duckett’s in his honour.  We like this story and we also rather like this cheese.  It is aromatic, zesty and young, not unlike many of us at L’affinage HQ. It has a beautiful mottled rind and I honestly don’t know many people who would be disappointed with this. It is crumbly and buttery all at the same time.

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Weight 250 g

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