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Corra Linn 12 – 18 months

Ewe's cheese • Hard • Scotland, British

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Errington Cheese started making Corra Linn in 2008/2009 with some trepidation! Learning the process of making a hard cheese, with their history of making predominantly blue cheese, was a steep but rewarding learning curve. The idea originally came to them as the solution to a problem; a glut of sheeps’ milk in the spring and early summer.

Corra Linn is a hard ewes’ milk cheese made with unpasteurised milk and traditional lambs rennet.

It has a characteristic nutty flavour with sweet notes. Once pressed overnight it is rubbed with locally grown and refined rapeseed oil and wrapped in traditional muslin cheese cloth and matured for 4 months to a year.  Chiming of Manchego with a distinctive Scottish influence.

Corra Linn should be eaten at room temperature and stored in the fridge.  Once opened it should be wrapped in cling-film to keep it at its best.

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Lanark, Scotland

Tasting notes:

Lightly floral with aromas of Brazil nut and fig.  Powerful flavours of pan-fried seed and spice.

Please note that these will vary throughout the season and between batches due to the natural changes in the milk over the lactation period and the fact that the cheese is handmade.

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