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Goat's cheese • Soft • British

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Blackmount is a raw milk ashed lactic goats milk pyramid made with milk from Errington Dairy’s small herd of dairy goats, it is made with traditional kids rennet and is yeast ripened; softening from the outside in if left to mature long enough.  This cheese develops beautiful citric and fresh flavours from the middle, the rind becoming slightly spicy as it ripens.

(Blackmount is named after the hill behind Walston Braehead Farm which forms the start of the Pentland hills formation which go right up to Edinburgh.)


Please note that these will vary throughout the season and between batches due to the natural changes in the milk over the lactation period and the fact that the cheese is handmade.

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Lanark, Scotland

Tasting notes:

Walston Braehead Farm is just under 300 acres of mixed grazing and arable land.   Trying to grow as much as they can themselves by making around 60 acres of barley, 100 acres of silage and hay. Due to the altitude and climate the growing season is fairly short compared with some other areas of the UK so they are limited in what they can grow; concentrating on growing high quality silage and hay to provide the basis of the ewes’ diet, adopting a low input system as far as possible, feeling this is the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way to run the farm.

In 2012 they installed two 20KW wind turbines to take advantage of the fact that the farm lies in the windiest corner of the windiest country in Europe – and to minimise their carbon footprint!

The farm has 300 Dairy Lacaune ewes and 100 Dairy Goats (mixture of Saanen, Toggenburg and Alpine), due to the climate and altitude, the Lacaune sheep suit their farm and system better, keeping them in during the winter, then putting them out in the summer once the silage has been cut.

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