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Ewe's cheese • Hard • British

£3.60 per 100g


Sweet and nutty with caramel notes and a tangy hard grainy texture.  Berkswell is matured for around 4 months and has won many notable awards.  It is similar to Pecorino or Manchego in style.  This is an impressive looking cheese with a red, russet and golden hued rind.

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Ram Hall, West Midlands

Tasting notes:

Conjuring up images of The Man Who Fell to Earth or Close Encounters of The Third Kind, you can’t get away from the rather unusual shape of this cheese.  Take a closer look and you’ll find that as you prepare your Sunday roast you have a very familiar form resting in the sink with your broccoli draining.  Indeed, a colander is in fact used to form this rather splendid Manchego/ Pecorino style cheese.  Cheesemakers are nothing if not innovative!

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Weight 250 g

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